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  1. "Gail has been taking care of my cats now for 2 years. I could not recommend her more highly. She has never let me or the cats down even when I have called her at the last minute. For a day or two weeks when I return the cats are content and everything in order. I even suspect they look forward to my going away! Thanks Gail."

    Ray Haddock, Totley

  2. "I regularly go away on small business trips, for a few days or more, and this service is just so convenient. I often don't know in advance when I'll be away but I can ring up the day before and know that my cat will be looked after from the minute I leave. It takes all the worring out of small trips. Big thank you to Gail!"

    Chris Thomlinson, Dronfield

  3. "I have always struggled to find a decent cattery for my two cats, Fudge and Smokey, and when I heard about Moggy Maid I was over the moon! Gail is so experienced and put me at ease straight away. When I came back from my two-week holiday, my cats were happy and relaxed, and so was I. Wonderful service, everything was clean and tidy, and she even bought me some milk and bread for my return. I have since recommended Moggy Maid and will be using them again soon!"

    Janet Smith, Bradway

  4. "Moggy Maid is a very reliable and trustworthy service which we have used on many occasions. Gail is very friendly and helpful and is obviously a big pet lover as she looks after our 4 cats very well whilst we are away. I would recommend Moggy Maid to all my friends and family."

    Angela Woodward, RugRatz, Bradway

  5. "We started to use Gail's service a few years ago when we got a cat. Her approach to pet care is of the very highest standard and goes far beyond our expectations. She is an extremely polite and caring person who offers a first class service. It is always a risk to give the keys to your house to a stranger when you go on holiday, but when I very first met Gail all my fears were immediately deminished. I can not praise the service and honesty she offers high enough."

    Mike Arnall, MJA Compliance Services LTD, Dronfield Woodhouse

  6. "I have used Moggy Maid now for several years, since I got my new cat Sophie from the RSPCA rescue. Gail has always provided an excellent service with kindness and a passion for animals. She and Sophie get on very well and it is always reassuring, when one is away that Sophie and my home are safe. It is important that Sophie is happy and in her own environment when I am away. I have recommended Moggy Maid to a neighbour and Gail has looked after her cats."

    Peter Turvey

  7. "Gail's service is superb. My cat, who has a difficult temperament, is now 17 and needs daily medication. I never have to worry when I am away as Gail is utterly reliable, walking through the snow in winter, for example. She always persists until he has taken his meds, and he is well and happy when I return."

    Julie Koprowska, Totley

  8. "My 2 cats love it when Gail comes to visit. They purr and meow around her and generally want to fuss her. They know Gail well as she has cared for them since they were kittens. When I come back I know my cats have been well looked after. I can always rely on Gail to care for them, even when I ask her at the last minute! My rating 10/10"

    Paula Murgatroyd, Dronfield

  9. "Gail (Moggy Maid ) has been looking after our cats and goldfish while we go away on holiday for 3 years.She is extremely trustworthy, reliable, professional and friendly. We know we can relax when we go away in the knowledge that the animals are in safe and loving hands. She also does beyond her role and puts the bins out, brings post in etc . which is lovely and it is very reassuring knowing she is keeping an eye on everything. Really, really recommended. Excellent value...worth every penny !!"

    Mrs Carolyn Clark, Family First Midwives, Fullwood

  10. "5.0 out of 5, I was really confident and happy to leave my 2 pets with Gail, she is a very kInd and considerate person you can really tell that she loves her job. My cat is called Mista and is on medication some of the time, Gail had no problem giving him his tablets, I also have a very old tortoise called Pheobe that lives outside in the garden in the summer Gail had no problem learning how to care for her. I have recommended Gail to my friends and family."

    Carolyn Holmes, Dronfield