About Moggy Maid


Hello! My name is Gail and I am the proud owner and founder of Moggy Maid, a small pet-sitting business with a big love for animals. I have over 40 years experience caring for animals of all kinds; a dedicated cat carer and owner, and welcome you to my business.

A better option for cat-owners
Thoroughly enjoying holidays, I just as equally hated having to uproot my cats to the cattery each time. After a tough wrestle the cats would end up in their baskets, into the car, and finally into a strange cage.

This experience was often upsetting and ended up being a negative (and expensive!) start to my holiday. While I returned from my travels relaxed, my pets often looked tired and miserable. Not unreasonably, they (and I) just hated the whole experience. I decided that there must be an alternative and started to set up Moggy Maid, a small family run pet-sitting business.  

I currently look after my own two mogs, Merlin and Mog. the cat next door but one  - he thinks he lives with us although he has a lovely home, and their friends who call for a love and top up food.

Moggy Maid remains a family-run business, with my husband David pitching in when we're busy (he is excellent at changing the litter trays) however we are not franchised and do not employ anyone else.  You can read through the many reviews of Moggy Maid's excellent service under Client Feedback.

I look forward to meeting you and your moggies very soon!